Short videos with good ideas and important technique to work the magic of any foodie kitchen.

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We were the inventors of the United States Restaurant Guide, sold through Apple and available on the web.


A few articles old and new about cooking and food enjoyment.

  1. BulletAbout foodie kitchen
        Who the foodie kitchen network is.

  2. BulletMatching Wine with Food
         To bring out the best flavors in both wine and food, keep these basics in mind.

  3. BulletTouching on Beeves
        How a recipe used to be written.

  4. BulletFirpo's Balloon Cocktail
        For a long lost drink from Calcutta.

  5. BulletIronchef - lost in translation
        The strange cooking show from Japan.


Joanna and Mark’s cookbook.
The Artist’s Cookbook


Joanna’s biographical log.