1. Point-Cut Corned Beef


At Foodie Kitchen, our goal is to serve all people who love food, whether you are an aspiring gourmet or a seasoned chef. We offer a range of quality kitchen tools that are useful, fun, stylish, and represent a good value.  Our website has a large selection of free recipes that are easy to prepare, taste great, and are based on food with real ingredients that are commonly available. We also provide instructional videos, helpful tips, and practical cooking advice.

We come from all walks of life. Some of us are food professionals, others are home chefs with barely enough time to enjoy a meal most days. We are all ages, from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We have discovered that the sharing of our interest in food creates a bond that is familial and enduring. We are passionate about what we do and the cuisine we create, and like our customers and viewers, we want to continue to expand our knowledge of the extraordinary world of great food!


Joanna Beaulieu

President & Founder of Foodie Kitchen

Joanna’s culinary experience began at an early age in her mother’s kitchen where she discovered a great love for food that eventually blossomed into a profession. She has worked in numerous facets of the culinary industry as a restaurateur, caterer, and food critic. She is also the seed buyer for Renee’s Garden and enjoys time growing her own herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Joanna began to use the term Foodie Kitchen to refer to the group of family and friends with whom she shared all things food-related. Over the years her passion for cooking has become a lifestyle and the main inspiration behind her ongoing appetite to continually explore the world’s many different types of cuisine.

Joshua Bozsan

Operations Head, Test Chef, & Sushi Addict

Joshua’s love for food started when he was very young and he has been cooking since he was able to use a stool in order to reach the kitchen counter. He has explored numerous international cuisines first hand during his travels to Europe, Mexico, and Eastern Asia.

His genuine passion for farming, great wine, and finding genuine ingredients go hand and hand with his palette for good food.

He believes there should be no boundaries of what flavors and ethnicities can be fused together. He also feels that people should spend more time in the kitchen and around the table enjoying their food and each other’s company. He has a weakness for Japanese cuisine and sake as any of his loved ones can tell you. As cooking is his main aspiration in life, he wants to learn it all. He believes that food should be held in high regard as it fuels the body as well as the soul and is the key to a happy and healthy life.

Lynda Ray
Style Editor & Coconut Fanatic

Lynda is our voice of reason when it comes to style and aesthetics. She is a professional astrological writer whose columns and articles have been published in Cosmopolitan magazine and an American Media mini-book on love signs. She, like all of us at Foodie Kitchen, has a genuine passion for all types of cuisine. This natural combination of her love for food and her stylish approach to everything we do here makes her a great asset in keeping our presence looking fresh and up to date.

Mark Beaulieu

CTO, Web Developer & Test Kitchen Beneficiary

Mark is our web expert here and he is the backbone that keeps our web presence up and running. Aside from his technical expertise, he is also a bona fide Foodie and loves to travel and try new cuisine. He has been all over Europe and North America and his palette is a great addition to the Foodie Kitchen team. He also needs no convincing when it comes time to hang around our test kitchen when recipes are being sampled or created.

Roland Alden

Tech/IT Manager & Hoppin’ John King

Since 1976 Roland Alden has been the founder or co-founder of three technology startups. He was the original developer of vCard, the “electronic business card” exchange format and is the author of several computer textbooks. He is a Foodie in every sense of the word. He has traveled extensively and is always open to new adventures when it comes to food. He also makes a terrific Hoppin’ John!

Sarah Esserlieu

Recipe Test Chef & Coffee Nut

Anita Lynn

Contributor and Inspiration to us all

Anita is a well-seasoned chef and baker that has over 60 years of cooking expertise under her belt. She is the former owner of the Original Sin bakery in Santa Cruz, CA where she served several fine dining establishments and distinguished palettes such as Clint Eastwood. She loves traditional recipes as well as preparing and trying new ones. With all her endeavors in the kitchen, she has created a legacy of consistently great recipes, many of which can be found right here at Foodie Kitchen.